the marketplace where chrysant growers and buyers connect

Welcome to Chrysantportal, the marketplace where chrysant growers and buyers connect.

Chrysantportal is a matchmaker for businesses – connecting growers and buyers, making it easier  to do direct business with chrysant growers anywhere in the world.

The Chrysantportal team focuses on helping export/import companies and retail suppliers to provide the right chrysant, at the right price, with the correct specifications to support the success of their business.

In the Chrysantportal web shop, you can find daily fresh offers from Dutch growers. Our clients can order here directly, before the chrysants are sold at the auction clocks. Besides the web shop, Chrysantportal offers the high quality support through our specialized sales team as well. Chrysantportal is accessible every day from 12:00 in the afternoon till 6:00 the next day.

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